Suja infotech

Clinical Trial Management Systems

Clinical trails need to capture a lot of data for each subject over a period of time. This means mountains of data (physically). SUJA Infotech has developed a superb Clinical Trail Management System that can electronically capture such details in a systematic and detailed manner and present it for comprehensive analysis to pharmaceutical and other research organizations. The CTMS software is capable of planning, preparing and reporting clinical trial data along with patient and drug administration details as well as site selection and management. SUJA targets at eliminating challenges of managing continuous flow of data and maintaining milestones with emphasis on patient care.


  • Retroactive analysis of clinical data derived through our captive patient population.
  • Data mining and predictive analysis with Graphical representation to validate the feasibility of the protocol
  • Customization of the EMR to facilitate the protocol requirements and in recruitment of the patients.
  • Eliminate manual data entry for reporting results of the trials and case report forms
  • Ability to view and report results and milestones of patients at a single place
  • Record every drug interaction and reaction with an ability to generate timely reports
  • Patient-Disease-Drug- Trial mapping made easier
  • Record, tracking, and reporting adverse drug reactions
  • Schedule patient visits, manage appointments
  • Recording and sharing critical trial investigation information and contribute to decision support systems
  • Cater to different all types of Clinical Trials, defined by NIH:
    • Preventive
    • Screening
    • Diagnostic
    • Treatment
    • Quality of Life trials
    • Compassionate use trials.
  • Identify trials from popular databases
  • HIPAA compliant identification of potential subjects
  • Identifies patients and sites based on an effective automated screening process by searching our global databases of physicians conducting clinical trials
  • Protocol’s inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Engage clinical trial sites based on patient populations
  • Alert eligible patients, directly through our primary care physician and specialist endocrinology provider population