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DocAssistant Allergy

DocAssistant Allergy has been designed in consultation with leading allergists to pack in a host of comprehensive details that are specific and critical for allergy treatments. Some of the features are highlighted below:

  • The patient’s allergy history: Allergy symptoms, causal factors, home environment, medical history and family history.
  • Graphical representations for precise indications of affected areas.
  • Pediatric and adult trays with extensive listings of pediatric / adult inhalants and prick and intradermal values.
  • Ability to record the results for a number of skin tests including PCN skin testing, local anesthetics skin testing and hymenoptera venom skin.
  • Rapid Desensitization test results for dilution and reactions with an interactive site selection feature.
  • Fully automated Immunotherapy section: Consists of a list of all allergens along vial strengths and an additional helpful feature is the ability to automatically print vial labels.
  • Super Bill feature with complete set of ICD/CPT codes and selected codes which are automatically included in the encounter screen.
  • Easily generate, print or email or fax consult letter.