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DocAssistant Cardiology

DocAssistant Cardiology is one of the most critical and respected specialties in the medical fraternity. DocAssistant has developed its exclusive information capturing Cardiology EMR to meet the specific requirements of this specialty with leading cardiologists around the world. Specific sections are developed within the EMR to record and capture certain critical cardio- related diagnosis and treatments like:-

  • Past & Current Medical Problems section: Captures all information and demographics of a patient.
  • Family Medical History section: Captures exhaustive information related to the patient.
  • Palpation section: Monitors palpations to understand the condition and size of the patient’s heart.
  • Auscultation section: Records all conditions of the heart with regards to its sounds, rate and rhythm.
  • Heart sounds section: Captures information on the four heart sounds – S1, S2, S3 and S4.
  • Pulse section: Captures information about the presence or absence of femoral, pedal and tibial pulses.
  • Automated Lab Orders and Results for Diagnostics tests: Crucial to diagnosis and treatment along with a scheduler for receiving and checking LAB reports.
  • Thorough list of Cardiac procedures along with a provision to give ICD codes to treat the Cardiac condition more effectively.
  • Arterial studies list: Identifies the condition of the patient’s circulatory system. This section helps you to check the blood pressure in various conditions along with giving the reasons for doing the said procedures.
  • Anti Coagulation section: Consists of a reference table to check the patient’s International Normalized Ratio (INR) as well as a table to keep track of the patients Coumadin Dose and various other details.
  • Echocardiogram section: Provides multi-dimension images of the heart chambers through the sophisticated and advanced imaging system.
  • Cath Cardiac & Procedures section: Date-wise major procedures and general medical care parameters for planning further treatment and out-patient care programs.