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DocAssistant General Medicine

DocAssistant has clubbed the Family Practice and Pediatric specialties into a single package of General Medicine. DocAssistant General Medicine has incorporated a host of fields in both the above specialties which would be able to address any possible case that the provider can come across. Some of its features are:

Visit Types-Record visits under Pediatrics visits, Family Practice visit or General Medicine template to capture specific information for the visit.
Encounters: Save records of each encounter with patient name, appointment date, chief complaint and assessment.

Compare Growth Chart Images, Denver Chart: Mark relevant charts and attach with pre-populated collection of various growth chart images by National Center for Health Statistics.

Encounter Form: Three encounter forms for Pediatrics and Family Practice to complete the examination.

Easily generate e-mail, fax, automated lab orders and reports, super bill, images, medication log, referrals management.