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DocAssistant OBGYN

DocAssistant OBGYN is our specialty-specific EMR designed for the unique clinical workflow of an obstetrics and gynecology practice. This EMR gives critical information you need to make appropriate medical decision.

Features of DocAssistant OBGYN:

  • History: GYN history, menstrual history, menopausal history, sexual history, birth control along with all OBGYN specific patient encounters like problem list, social history and cancer history etc.
  • Physical Exam: Capture details like appearance, HEENT, Neck, CV, back, muscular, neurologic, respiratory, extremities, skin, GI, breast examination, pelvic, abdomen for a typical GYN and OB exam.
  • OB Flow Sheet and GYN Flow Sheet: Captures and displays information of all previous OB/GYN Visits in a table for easy viewing in a single screen.
  • Prenatal Record (ACOG): Records all clinical data of patient medical history, physical examinations, OB 0problem list/care plan, plans and education, review of systems, medications, lab results and brief physical data like vitals, fundal height, fetal heart, fetal heart tones, urine glucose, urine protein, ketones, leukocytes, blood in urine, fetal movement, edema, contractions, presentations and such. Separate sections capture information of initial physical examination, genetics screening and infection history while the detailed OB Labs section includes data for Initial Labs, 8-18 Weeks Labs, 18-24 Weeks Labs, 24-28 Labs, 32-36 Labs, etc.
  • Patient Questionnaire and Patient Provider Communication Portal: Import data in the patient chart. Use the portal to communicate and send reports to patient and get reply.
  • Prescribing: Populate medications including dosage amount, frequency, and number of refills. Drug to drug interactions, drug to allergy interactions and contraindications are monitored during prescription in case of any interactions or contraindications.
  • Scanning Interface: Paper charts and documents can be scanned and attached to patient record. Staff can forward images with messages and notes. OBGYN can be integrated with any laboratory that follows standard HL7 protocol.
  • Lab Orders: Ability to enter/select appropriate Labs and Radiology tests.
  • Reports: Clinical Data of every encounter are generated as full transcript. Separate prints for OB/GYN Flow sheets are available. Ability to generate reports based on Assessment (ICD9) and Medications.
  • PMS Integration: Can be integrated with any of the Practice Management Systems that uses the standard HL7 protocol.