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DocAssistant Pediatrics

Pediatrics is a distinct medical specialty with a host of sub-specialties like Pediatric Allergy and Immunology, Pediatric Cardiology and such. DocAssistant Pediatric is an advanced EMR that deals with any sub specialty needed, to diagnose and treat diseases, disorders and developmental issues of children.

  • Visit Types: Initial Visit, Well Baby Visit & Sick Baby Visit encounter templates.
  • Family History: Capture medical history in the family with more emphasis on the child’s mother.
  • History Chart: Capture demographic information, birth and development of the child, immunization and skin testing and past illnesses of the child.
  • Immunization: Immunization record for vaccines that are administered to a child.
  • Growth Chart Images: Collection of various growth chart images by National Center for Health Statistics. Mark relevant chart and attach to the encounter.
  • Denver Chart: Examine child from birth to 6 years of age in four parameters- Gross Motor, Language, Fine Motor-Adaptive and Personal-Social.
  • Easily generate e-mail, fax, automated lab orders and reports,super bill, images, medication log, referrals management.