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Gynocular T2D

Gynius together with the medical IT-company, SUJA/ Icrea has developed a Smartphone adapter that mounts to the eyepiece of the Gynocular and the Gynocular Triage to Diagnose (T2D) colposcope management application. The Gynocular T2D is a unique secure cloud based clinical record system, recently awarded the “Research and Growth Award for Digital Health” by the Swedish Government Vinnova agency.

The Gynocular connects with a Smartphone and only an activation key and a licensed organization code are needed to start the application and image capturing, Swede score triage, scheduler, and the possibility to connect and consult examination results remotely. Healthcare workers will be able to view patient demographics, patient history, and examination results with cervical images and biopsy locations.

Gynocular is a portable, battery-driven, pocket-sized colposcope, was developed to provide health care personnel with a low cost, hand-held, battery driven coloscope that enables colposcopy in any setting.

Handheld and portable colposcope could protect millions of women from cervical cancer and thus invented the Gynocular. The majority of women in low-income countries live in rural areas with limited access to referral health facilities. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women and the mortality burden is highest among low and middle-income countries. Only 5% of women in developing countries access organized cancer screening programs as compared to 75% in developed countries.

The Gynocular provides a gold standard cervical examination and “our goal is a Gynocular in every Gynecologist’s pocket.”

Suja Infotech
Suja Infotech

World’s first truly portable colposcope

Colposcopes are large, heavy and expensive stationary machines, which are confined to settings with electrical grids. The Gynocular, a portable, battery driven, pocket-sized colposcope, was developed to provide health care personnel with a low cost, hand-held, battery driven colposcope that enables colposcopy in any setting. This will increase access to cancer screening.

Technical Specifications of Gynocular

The Gynocular has cutting edge optics and LED technology. It is lightweight and easily fits into a pocket or small bag, making the gynocular the world’s first truly portable colposcope.

The Key features of Gynocular:

  • Replaceable / Rechargeable battery
  • Red-free / green filter mode
  • Handheld or used with a tripod
  • Clinically tested in Sweden, Bangladesh and Uganda
  • CE marked and US FDA approval
  • Patented technology and trademark

Advantages in industrialized and developing countries alike

Since the pocket-sized colposcope does not require an electric grid it increases access to cervical cancer screening among low and middle income countries’ women. In many regional and national health care settings, access to colposcopy is limited to specialized clinics and shared by a number of doctors, which limits their experience with performing colposcopy. This may result in a prolonged time-to-diagnosis because patients must wait for appointments and also additional costs to the patients and healthcare systems because the patient needs to be brought to a stationary colposcope. It is common that a patient has to wait weeks for a schedule appointment, which leads to increased anxiety. Thus, a low-cost, portable coloscope has many advantages in health-services accessibility improve time-to-diagnosis, and management of patient anxiety in industrialized and developing countries alike. We are very proud to have our device being used around the world in a variety of settings while participating in some new studies on cervical cancer.

gynocular T2D
Gynocular T2D
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