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HL7 Interfacing and Support

HL7 is now an integral and critical part of Healthcare IT as it is the most widely used standard to facilitate the communication between two or more clinical applications. The prime benefit of HL7 is that it simplifies the implementation of interfaces and reduces the need for custom interfaces. Since its inception in the late 1980’s, HL7 has evolved as a very flexible standard with a documented framework for negotiation between applications. The inherent flexibility makes deploying HL7 interfaces a little more challenging at times. There are several types of roles involved with HL7 interfaces, including clinical application analysts, integration specialists, application programmers, and systems analysts.

As a Healthcare IT specialist, SUJA Infotech has mastered the art of HL7 interfacing and its implementation. Besides making these interfaces, SUJA Infotech also provides companies and hospitals HL7 based services like implementations, support, updating current software and hardware and such.